The Last Stand is a game mode that was added to Dawn of War II through patch 1.8. The Last Stand pits the player and two friends each in control of a single commander (Force commander, Mekboy, Farseer, Hive Tyrant or Sorcerer) against 20 waves of opponents that get more difficult as the wave number increases.

In order to reward the player for doing well their commander can level up through experience gained in the game. Leveling up does not increase the base stats of the commander instead it unlocks new wargear to make the hero more powerful or allow for different play strategies.

Wave 1: Ork Shoota Boyz

Wave 2: Eldar Guardians

Wave 3: Hormagaunts and Termagants (although if you actually play Warhammer then you will know that these are actually Devil or Deathgaunts not Termagants as the game calls them)

Wave 4: Imperial Guardsman, Force commander and two apothecaries

Wave 5: Termagants, Hormagaunts, Warriors

Wave 6: Shoota Boys, Nobz

Wave 7: Shuriken platforms, Guardians, Howling banshees

Wave 8: Termagants, Hormagaunts, Warriors, Zoanthropes

Wave 9: Shuriken platforms, Guardians, Howling banshees

Wave 10: Tactical marines with plasma guns and scouts

Wave 11: Shoota Boys, Nobz, Stormboyz

Wave 12: Shuriken platforms, Guardians, Howling banshees, Wraithlords

Wave 13: Nobz, Tankbustas, Shoota Boys

Wave 14: Termagants, Hormagaunts, Warriors, Raveners

Wave 15: Shoota Boys, Nobz, Stormboyz, Stickbommaz

Wave 16: Evil counter parts of you that are incredibly hard to defeat. They will use all the powers you own including such as a space marine dreadnaught and a hive tyrant warriors etc.

Wave 17: Termagants, Hormagaunts, Warriors, Raveners, Carnifexes and a Lictor

Wave 18: Deff Dreads, Nobz and a Warboss

Wave 19: Dreadnoughts, Tactical marines with plasma guns, Scouts, Terminator Captain.

Wave 20: A chaos lord will appear from a terminator statue in a cut-scene, summons bloodletters, your copies from wave 16 and will resurrect previous bosses like the lictor and warboss.

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