The Eldar Wraithguard is introduced in Chaos Rising. Wraithguard don't exibit the usual traits of the Eldar as they are slow, durable units but they do follow the Eldar path in that they deal excellent damage. Wraithguards fire shorter ranged, hand-held D-cannons. Wraithguard also only take up 3 more cap than a D-cannon team would and are available at Tier 2 instead of Tier 3. Another advantage is their higher level of durability by comparison. The Wraithguard squad has 1 of the highest possible DPS in the game. However, they are not a long range gun like the D-Cannon so unless something else is occupying the enemy, the Wraithguard will be in direct fire due to their shorter range. Their attacks do area damage but their guns only do friendly fire to each other. Wraithguard can end up destroying each other over time if not watched carefully. They work wonders for their cost as well.

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