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The Zoanthrope is a mysterious type of Tyranid that has been created from Eldar DNA. Zoanthropes are highly psychic and act as synapse creatures for the Hive Mind's armies. They wield powerful bolts of psychic energy against their foes.

Combat Effectiveness

The Zoanthrope essentially functions as a long range psychic cannon or a biological version of the Eldar D-Cannon platform. Zoanthropes move slowly and die easily but they supply the advantages(and disadvantages) of being a synapse creature. With the synapse, the Zoanthrope can supply nearby Tyranids with bonuses; however, the death of the zoanthrope causes a tremendous psychic backlash which can destroy large numbers of nearby units if they are less durable than a Lichtor which is still considered fragile. The Zoanthrope can fire special bolts of psychic lightning which deal area damage and can project a warp field using it's energy. The warp field is considered ineffective in heavy battle because it costs energy to start the ability and to maintain it, causing constant energy loss. To worsen matters, the warp field causes its energy reserves to take the damage leaving it without it's abilities within seconds.

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